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DQ Biosafety Cabinet

Design Qualification (DQ) according to URS BioSafety Cabinet LDP19038. The scope of this 31 pages long document template is to help you ensure that your BioSafety Cabinet is designed, delivered, installed, commissioned and qualified according to requirements in URS BioSafety Cabinet LDP19036.

It is made up of 196 individual test numbers divided into sections e.g. capacity, design and installation, material, automation, documentation, hygienic design, safety, commissioning and qualification requirements.

The document template is designed in table form with space for approval and comment for each test as well as final approval of the complete DQ. It is also prepared with a field for signature list, NCR (Non-conformity report) and appendices and references.

Add, remove, and change the document to suit your standard. The LexDocPharma document templates are based on standard formats like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, .pdf, etc. To see the type of document format for this specific document look at additional information on the left sidebar of this page.

Tips: Use the Edit-Find-Replace function to change ”OUR COMPANY” to your own company name in the document.

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