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We have almost 100 document templates in our document structure database and still growing.

Our Focus on

Food and Life Science Industry

The generic document templates from LexDocPharma are derived from years of experience in the European and US medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Nevertheless, our templates are generic and can be applied to support all kinds of industries, especially traditional herbal medicine, and food and beverage.

LexDocPharma goals

The goal for LexDocPharma is to be a First-class provider of generic ”ready to use” document templates.

The goal for LexDocPharma is to be a first-class provider of generic ”ready to use” document templates.

We strive to deliver the documents you are looking for. If you missing a document in our database, we can create it for you. Our document structure is divided into areas like User Requirement Specification, Design Qualification, Quality and Compliance, and many more.

LexDocPharma offers you a set of ”ready to use” templates for you to easily develop your custom-made documents with minor involvement of your internal and external resources just to get started.

The cost to get the documents up to LexDocPharma standard template is a fraction of what it actually costs to create a new template from scratch. Calculated working hours, meetings, discussions and internal resources, etc.

We can Help your company to save money

LexDocPharma templates are up to 90% finished.

We guarantee that you will have tremendous help by starting the work using the LexDocPharma document templates. We offer up to 90% of finished products. It depends on your specific needs and requirements. It’s for you to fill in the balance of information.

We do not just supply you with an ”empty” template with headings and guidance on how to fill in the missing information. Our ”ready to use” templates include actual requirements and tests for you to use, change or develop. It’s up to you!

constantly developing document templates

LexDocPharma is constantly developing new documents

We are constantly developing new documents. We strive to deliver the documents you are looking for. If you missing a document in our database, we at LexDocPharma will create it for you.

We have experts in our field at your service. To request a document click on the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to request a custom document template.

LexDocPharma document templates FORMAT TYPES

LexDocPharma templates are based on

Our templates are based on MS Word, MS Excel, or MS Project and will undergo continuous version handling and updates to improve our customer service. So please, give us your opinion on the quality of the documents for us to make improvements. When you purchase a document you will get a fully open and editable document for you to change and work in. Visit our document structure database.

LexDocPharma document templates

Yes, just think about it!

How much time has not been spent just to get your documents up to a draft version? Our ”ready to use” templates will give you a jump start in your creative work to finally get an approved version.

Do like some of our customers!

Use the LexDocPharma “ready to use” templates as a benchmark reference. This will be a much more cost-effective way to get a second opinion on your draft or approve documents. 

•    Less time spent in document review meetings. 
•    Less time spent on internal and external resources. 
•    Extended internal document database.

much more cost-effective way than before

LexDocPharma document templates

Our generic templates can quickly be made into a first-class company document with as few internal and external resources as possible. You choose the final level. The final document will be a professional and comprehensive product in a much more cost-effective way than before.

Our templates do not only give you a set of actual requirements and tests but also act as an eye-opener for your input to the final version.

LexDocPharma URS document templates

User Requirement Specifications (URS)

The performance and quality of your equipment start with the User Requirement Specification (URS). This important document sets the standard on any purchase requirement and the level on how well your equipment will perform as well as the foundation on the qualification/validation activities. Our URS templates will give input for you to create your own first-class document.

User requirements should be the starting point of any project you are working on. Time well-spent developing solid user requirements will help you enormously further down the line when you need to test your new equipment or software application.

A properly written URS helps the supplier or vendor to fully understand the client’s requirements. This, in turn, helps the supplier design a system or specialized equipment that completely satisfies needs and expectations. Alternatively, if there is no URS, it can create confusion between both parties blaming each other for failures resulting in the waste of time and resources.

LexDocPharma DQ document templates

Design Qualification Documents (DQ)

Design Qualification protocols and reports are documented evidence that the equipment or systems have been designed for the intended purpose in accordance with the User Requirements Specification, applicable guidelines and standards, Validation Master Plan (VMP), etc.

LexDocPharma QC document templates

Quality And Compliance (QA)

Quality and compliance are both crucial components of the manufacturing process; but, it’s important to differentiate the two. Quality is defined as products and services that deliver intended performance, while compliance is defined as meeting regulatory requirements.

The strategic goals of most manufacturing companies include manufacturing competitive products, operating profitably, and growing their business in an environment of increasing globalization and elevated product development costs. Factories, therefore, need to provide quality and compliant products.

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We help companies to Save Valuable Time and Money

The cost to get the documents up to LexDocPharma standard template is a fraction of what it actually costs to create a new template from scratch. Calculated on working hours, meetings, discussions and internal resources, etc.



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