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We do not just supply you with an ”empty” template with headings and guidance on how to fill in the missing information. Our ”Ready to Use” templates include actual requirements and tests for you to use, change or develop. It is up to you! Do not only regard our documents as a set of requirements and tests, the document can also act as an eye-opener for your own input to the final version.

The LexDocPharma templates enable your organization to focus on the important information in your final version of the document.

We are constantly developing new documents. We strive to deliver the documents you are looking for. If you missing a document in our database, LexDocPharma will create it for you. We have experts in our field at your service.

We can help you to create a document if you have a request that is not in our document structure. Fill the form and send it to us then we will contact you as soon as possible.

We can offer to consult to complete the document you have bought from us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or additional questions.

LexDocPharma is derived from years of experience in the European and US medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Never the less, our templates are generic and can be applied to support all kinds of industries.

Once you have purchased a document template from LexDocPharma you will receive a fully open and editable version of the document in MS Word, MS Excel, or MS Project depending on the document type purchased.

You get immediate access to a set of requirements or tests etc. and it is up to you to accept, change or add information to the document. If you only want to use the extensive content in the LexDocPharma document templates please “cut and paste” to your own company-specific document template. Otherwise, use our complete template and add your own company logo in the document heading

Think about the situation in your own company. The normal procedure for developing any document from scratch is to either start from a blank company specific template or begin the process of developing your own blank template. Then you have to gather different individuals with the correct experience and set of skills to invent, structure and document the content of the document. Typically, you have to do this a number of times just to come up with a draft version. You must most probably have to involve both internal and external resources to do the job.

The LexDocPharma “Ready-to-Use” document templates enable you to greatly reduce this first step (time and cost) since our document already includes most of the standard content of such a document type. You get immediate access to a set of procedures, requirements or tests, etc. We offer up to 90% finished products. It depends on your specific needs and requirements. It is up to you to accept, change or add information to the already document.

If you only want to use the extensive content of the LexDocPharma document templates please “cut and paste” to your own company-specific document template. Otherwise, use our complete template and add your own company logo in the document heading. We guarantee that you will have tremendous help by starting the work using the LexDocPharma “Ready-to-Use” document templates.

Let us first say that its very unlikely for this to happen for our validated purchase procedure. However, in the unlikely event of any problems, we will most probably discover it ourselves through the status log. If this is the case we will immediately inform you. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to contact us regarding any type of problems by e-mail support@lexdocpharma.com or phone +962 6 537 27 26 or +46 8 519 72 800.

Depending on in which time zone you are located we are not many hours away to solve any of your problems. Our customers are the most valuable asset we have and we will take care of you.


You can pay the invoice through IBAN transfer in your bank it is like a bank transfer as soon we got the payment we will send you your documents.
As you order you will get an Order number that you use as a reference. The order number is registered on the invoice you will get at your registered email address.

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All documents are written in English.

If you want the documents to be translated, it can be done for you at an extra cost. Please contact us at support@lexdocpharma.com.

The goal for LexDocPharma is to grow with our customers to supply the best possible service. There is not a specific document type we are aiming at. Our document structure will undergo continuous updates to improve our service and grow with different branches under controlled procedures.

Please have a quick tour through our document structure as well as in our News section for new information on document release. Also, please let us know the quality level of the document you have purchased and what kind of documents you would like to see in our database.

LexDocPharma have a network of individuals working in the Life Science industry both as consultants and employees. These are experienced individuals with different skills such as Technical Experts, Validation Engineers, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Experts etc. both in operational and management positions. At the moment these individuals work in the Scandinavian Life Science industry or with our partner Agon in Jordan.

LexDocPharma can never make such guarantees since LexDocPharma is not the end-user and cannot take responsibility for changes made in the final version. However, by using the Ready-to-Use templates your organization can really focus on the company-specific changes and additional information to get your own state of the art final version.  

The documents are not formally QA approved since the documents will undergo changes and approval by the end-user (the one purchasing the template).

However, there have been QA resources involved in the LexDocPharma review procedures.

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